you hit the concrete, that's your asphalt.

fox clothing top/ uo lace skirt/ lucky flats/ the only sunglasses i own right now/ various rings.
sorry about the goofy photos but this weather is making me a little delirious. as my mother would say i've been having a mean case of "the silly sallys" (not sure what those are but i'm pretty sure i got 'em bad). this outfit pretty much sums up my style completely what with the whole boy-meets-girl thing, plus interesting textures, plus comfy (which is not always a requirement for me but is always a plus). also i would like to take a moment to celebrate the fact that i got this skirt on sale for $10 at urban outfitters last fall.  it's actually high waisted and for me high waisted = versatility + instant sexy butt. i gotta tell ya, when you're a college student with a minuscule budget for clothes, it's triumphs like that that really make it possible.

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  1. obsessed with this post for many reasons. first and foremost, the 'Ye reference. secondly, love anything highwaisted. thirdly, well....the 'Ye reference again.