thrifted sweater/ brandy melville skirt/ young essence scarf/ the vintage leather belt i wear with almost everything

the day after christmas my whole family woke up stir crazy and unanimously decided we needed to take advantage of the fact that it wasn't raining like crazy for the first time in days and stretch our legs. we spent an hour or two wandering around colombia (an impressive amount of time when you take into account how tiny the place is), an historic goldrush town not far from my parents' house. i spent a chunk of my childhood running around here and it's always fun to go back. especially when i can discover things like rings wrought from old nails, jars of hand made candies, deathly beautiful poison bottles, and cigarette gum.



 salley hansen nail polish in gilty pleasure/ sundae by berroco yarn in salty

merry christmas to you and yours!!



kelly from theglamourai/ kate bosworth/ candice swanepoel by russel james here/ kelly again/ 3 looks from isabel marant/ merethe hopland by sam hessamian here/ random photo/ emily from cupcakesandcashmere/ random photo

rain + new yarn + last minute christmas knitting projects + coffee = me lounging around being a bum and not looking particularly inspirational. here's a few photos i've collected in the last month or so that i thought i'd post instead. enjoy!


baby it's cold...

today i spent the afternoon bothering my dear friend amber at work and coercing my loverly brittany to snap a few photos with me. i've been considering turtlenecks for a while now and have decided that i definitely want one, but have been unsure how to style it. her take with a bold solid color, printed scarf, saddlebag, jeans, and lace up boots is so... cool. 

thrifted sweater/ gap tank/ coal scarf/ gifted purse/ american apparel leggings
 picked up these lace up boots when i was at target the other day and i seriously lurrrvve them. also am just now realizing that i look a bit like santa from this angle (i guess i should be thankful i'm not being compared to santa at any other angle, har har)

the ever-so-stylish amb... ain't my fwends cute? :)


not brrr

"I'm a survivor" editorial by Greg Kadel with model Sasha Pivovarova, borrowed from one of my favorite blogs LifeInPics <-- go there! and see the full editorial here.


nyc photo diary

a few of my favorite photos from my week in nyc. i had the most amazing time exploring the city with my native friend lynn. i could try and describe it all but i would undoubtedly fail.
display in a soho shop/ topshop/ display of coffee beans in an organic market/ central park/ blurry skyline on the ferry from ellis island/ cookies and coffee at café derobertis/ SO cold/ snowy view from the empire state building/ i am nuts for nuts!/ rockefeller center/ view from top of the rock/ central park/ my vintage fur hat (i think fur is ok if it's recycled:))


oh brad, i'm mad (for plaid)

holy cow. sorry for the lack of posts but i have been up to here (*motions to neck*) in final papers and exams, and have therefore been living mostly in slippers and sweatshirts. i was totally inspired by my friends matt and clare the other day though, and couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of them of their smoke break. they were two plaid peas in a pod.

i love how they mixed different kinds of plaid, but made it work by keeping within the same color scheme. the look was so autumnal and woodsy, but still so chic...

alright, back to the books. wish me luck!