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free people april 2011 lookbook.

retro + bohemian. girly + comfy. with just a pinch of feral child.


the red shoes.

gap tank and sweater/ american apparel leggings/ indigo by clarks sandals/ gifted rings/ gilty pleasure polish

i found my perfect summer sandal this past week. super comfortable (they're clarks!), charming, just a little bit of a wedge, and in the snazziest of colors. i broke them in during a long walk along the beach and got all excited for warm weather... and then the clouds rolled in.

also: my dear friend amber, who i've featured recently, gave me the most amazing ring for my birthday! thank you so much! you can view it in all of its glory in the last photo, and i'm sure you'll see it again. she gave me the other ring on my hand years ago for another birthday and as i'm sure you've seen it's become one of my staple pieces. xo my dear!


bathe me in moonlight.

thrifted sweater and skirt/ random knee high socks/ vintage cuff/ gifted rings/ franco sarto shoes.

it started snowing last night, not enough to really count, just enough to make everything look ethereal and silent. everything was so lovely i couldn't resist taking photos. and before you ask, no i was not cold for a single second- i was too jazzed from all that beauty.



i found myself in a tricky situation the other day: in desperate need of some shopping therapy and flat broke. being a college student, i am fluent in finding ways to make my money go as far as it can, so i biked myself over to the least picked-over salvation army in town (me biking = me really really broke. i wasn't kidding). 

and i made out like a total bandit.

 glitzy gold sweater, long black skirt with a slit half way up my thigh (how long have i been wanting one of those??) and an amazing woven gold belt...

...and a gray blazer (that actually fits), a silky emerald pajama top, and a pair of levi 501s...

... which i immediately turned into cutoffs and destroyed. i love doing this. scissors and a cheese grater, my friends. really, trust me on the cheese grater. use those little blades, the ones that make microscopic pieces of cheese. go to town on an edge or a pocket and see those great thready holes that aren't really holes magically appear.

remember my recent post about silky shirts and destroyed jeans? i actually took my own advice :)

total spent: $32.17. it would be way less but the blazer was a splurge at $10.12. and i've already got so many outfits planned for my thrift store gold!


let's watch phenomenons that rise out of the darkness now.

 photos via pennylifeinpics/ h&m lookbook/ vogue china april 2011/ vogue germany april 2011/ fashiontoast/ here and there.

le blanc et le noir.


bonny lass.

photos via h&m, stylescrapbook, wildfox.

happy st. patrick's day everyone!



images from lifeinpics/ loveforfashion/ thefashionspot/ tamer yilmaz.

brought to you by spring and the color lavender.