get your drumrolls drummin' because you are all about to meet a very special person who is very very dear to my heart.

this is amb, one my oldest friends and earliest sources of style inspiration. this lady's style is hard to pin down, as she's always experimenting and playing with trends. her closet is something i truly envy, and yet she always manages to look completely put together, fashion forward and comfy. hey girl, why don't you throw a little o' that magic this way, huh? :) 

last weekend she and her man came over to the coast to share her birthday with me, and even though i suddenly came down with a very ill-timed cold, we still had an awesome time perusing the flea market, wandering around downtown santa cruz, criticizing each and every outfit and speech at the academy awards into hilarity, and snapping a few photos. 

how would you describe your personal style?
casual with a twist. always a nod to comfort first but with something a little off beat, whether an accesory or fit of an item.

whose style do you admire most?
diane keaton and diane kruger. kruger doesn't use a stylist and always manages to look unique and true to her own fashion choices.

where do you shop?
as many places as possible! you never know where you will find a treasure. but i especially love vintage shops,  and forever 21, the gap and h&m for staples.

looking back, what's the most embarrassing thing you've done in the name of style?
color coordinating. in fifth grade i wore a light blue crew neck shirt with bright blue thick corduroy shorts, blue socks with blue shoes...

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