i recently saw midnight in paris, woody allen's new film, and besides falling completely in love with what i thought was a truly inspired and creative story, i couldn't stop staring at marion cotillard. she is, as perfectly described by owen wilson's character, "exceptionally lovely" and enchanting, and her costumes were rhinestone encrusted eye candy.

stunning! and so alluring. i love her little beaded soirée purse especially, and the dripping drop-waisted frocks. i was reminded what a turning point the twenties were for femininity and women's fashion. plus, i've never seen anyone look more elegant while sipping champagne.


dead flowers.

sweet deal: LnA.

i hope you have your wallets and paypal accounts standing at attention because the next sweet deal offered by refinery29 is through the much loved and much lusted after l.a. brand LnA!!

the deal:
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here's some gratuitous eye candy so you know what you're in for (featuring the way too adorable alex spencer):

now go forth and shop!


nearly naked.

vintage top/ sarong from greece/ target sunnies.

this has been my summer skin- a sarong and the most quintessential summer top i have ever discovered. perfect for lazing the day away between pool dips and walking down to the street corner store to buy more ice for your bloody mary. my life is hard.



freeloader top/ thrifted shorts.

summer has completely taken over my life and i am an all too willing captive. when i'm not wearing my work uniform (a decidedly unflattering black ensemble that's covered in spots of coffee and clam chowder more often than not) i've rejected clothes entirely and spent large chunks of the day laying naked by the pool or paddling through the ocean (hard life, i know). and although my thoughts never stray too far from fashion, most days my body has just refused to be clothed by anything with more weight than a pair of bikini bottoms and a sarong. instead, i decided to post one of many of the amazing photos taken of me by my photographer-become-friend, marissa. she has the most incredible eye and talent to match and i love working with her. i thought sharing a piece of her work would be a nice post substitute until my skin stops treating cloth like a bacterial infection.


go west young cowgirl.

photos courtesy of ilovewildfox

take a gander at the new swimwear line brought to you by the lovely ladies of wildfox! the series tells the story of a cowgirl who loves "roadtrips, ropin' cattle, and wearin' bikinis." i love the creativity, playfulness, and adventurous spirit that wildfox embodies, and this line definitely captures that. check out the full collection here!



vintage dress, belt, and collar/ my mother's sandals.

i fell in love with the tailoring and textiles of this vintage dress over two years ago while i was visiting a friend in l.a., but its awkward hem length kept me from actually wearing it in public. thankfully, my friend skyla recently cut several inches off the bottom and it is finally an official part of my wardrobe. it feels so elegant but the pattern prevents it from looking too serious. i've been playing with accessories, but right now this belt and a collar that recently came into my hands have been giving me the right vibe, like a dreamy expat living in morocco... sometimes my clothes feel like costumes in the best way.


blue jean baby.

photos via acne resort 2012/ fashiontoast/ the locals/ stockholm streetstyle.

denim in various shades of chambray with jet black bottoms and accessories. i love the classic and simultaneously on-trend.


new favorites.

vintage blouse/ mikkat market shorts/ marc fisher shoes/ lipstick by m.a.c. in crosswires/ vintage necklace/ scarf i bought in my hometown.

i realize as i post these that you've seen a lot of those black lace shorts lately, but honestly i can't stop wearing them. they're so comfortable and they go with everything. i feel like everyone is guilty of wearing a favorite item to death every once in a while, though, so i hope you'll forgive me. i promise i'll mix it up soon. 

i bought this vintage blouse at the same time as the sequined beauty in my previous outfit post, which is kind of hilarious because they couldn't be more different. this one is so sweet with its eyelets and ruffles.

also: i'm pretty sure i'm addicted to lipstick. just so ya know.


quite splendid.

 i'm so excited to announce that i have recently partnered up with refinery29, thee go-to website for fashion news at home and around the world!! it's an exciting opportunity for me, and a great opportunity for you especially, my dear readers and friends. every week or so you will have the chance to score on great deals at amazing stores online! and the first one starts right, um, now.

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i hope you guys use this opportunity to score some great, fashionable, wearable clothes. here's a few photos to let you know what you're in for!

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happy shopping!


extra! extra!

my dear friend amb, who you know and love from her appearances on my blog here, here, and here, has now squared off her own piece of the blog-o-sphere. you absolutely must check out her blog, amberthegirlone.blogspot.com for her take on personal style, fashion, photography, and life in general. i may be a little biased, but i think it's the bee's knees.

and if you love her (which you will) show your support by following her! and while you're at it, show your support and follow me, too:) happy blogging amb!



vintage top/ target sunnies/ m.a.c. lipstick in crosswires.

when amber pulled this little number off the rack in a vintage store on a random tuesday afternoon, it was love at first sequined glimmer. it is currently the most exciting thing in my wardrobe hands down. honestly, where can i start? i adore the unique cuffs and hem, the brick red silk, and did i mention the thing is covered in at least 2 lbs of sequins? drool. normally these kinds of pay-by-the-pound garments are way too heavy and 80s real estate agent-y to be current or flattering but this one some how managed to remain fresh and sexy. 

oh yeah. and it's kinda sparkly.



photos via tumblr, caroline's mode, miss moss.

maybe it's the fog that has refused to roll out entirely these past few days that has me thinking about autumn, but i can't wait to add leather accents to my wardrobe. i can't seem to get enough of touches of buckskin colored leather, especially on sweaters and bags.



via tumblr.
emma watson in oscar de la renta. adorable.


photos via miss moss.

the haunting 'old country' air and kaleidoscopic prints and patterns are stunning.