freeloader top/ thrifted shorts.

summer has completely taken over my life and i am an all too willing captive. when i'm not wearing my work uniform (a decidedly unflattering black ensemble that's covered in spots of coffee and clam chowder more often than not) i've rejected clothes entirely and spent large chunks of the day laying naked by the pool or paddling through the ocean (hard life, i know). and although my thoughts never stray too far from fashion, most days my body has just refused to be clothed by anything with more weight than a pair of bikini bottoms and a sarong. instead, i decided to post one of many of the amazing photos taken of me by my photographer-become-friend, marissa. she has the most incredible eye and talent to match and i love working with her. i thought sharing a piece of her work would be a nice post substitute until my skin stops treating cloth like a bacterial infection.

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