i know the collection has been out for a while now, but if you haven't swooned over zara's spectacular holiday evening collection yet you are really missing out. the collection combines leather, tulle, leopard print, velvet, and holiday spirit to perfection (doesn't the red tulip dress look just like a christmas ornament??). 

 WANT. that's all i can really say. so beautiful. but really, when has zara not exceeded any of our expectations?


fickle heart and woozy eyes

thrifted scarf, earrings, sweater, belt/ brass plum shirt/ f21 jeans, sunnies/ uo flats

i was able to escape the worst of the cold today by hiding out (read: working) at my coffeehouse job, where on days like this i am particularly grateful to be surrounded by hot things to drink and warm bodies. the most exciting part of my day was being able to debut these awesome glass earrings i found over the weekend while antiquing with my parents.
i usually wear a lot of shapeless, draped things, and i love how the geometric shape really stands out against most of my wardrobe. the opaque, creamy glass has veins of sea green swirling through it, which i think is an interesting and feminine touch.

you can get a better idea here. so pretty! they'll be an interesting touch with any little black dress too.


à mes amis

now that 'cold' has become more of a state of being than a conversation topic, i can't leave my house without bundling up in several cozy layers of thick knits. accordingly, the knitting bug has made its presence known, and i am embarrassed to admit how many afternoons i have sacrificed to infinity scarves, headbands, and fingerless gloves. this is my most recent creation. the pattern isn't complicated- i let the yarn do i all the work. but it is the absolute best thing to snuggle into every time november decides to pretend it's january.