the ever-living ghost of what once was.

love cee-lo, this song, and everything about this video. i always thought this cover was better than the original (by band of horses) because it sounds so triumphant. this video is making me listen again though...



lilya fw 2011 and spring 2010

love the effortlessness of these shots by lilya. there's something so wonderfully simple and carefree about having one perfect garment that says everything all by itself.



This is a recent post from the-coveted.com, a personal fashion blog that i've been following for a while and is, in my opinion, pretty darn cool. it's been choc full of inspiration and loveliness from the fashion-o-sphere since 2007. recently another new site, thecoveted.com (notice lack of hyphen), has risen in popularity. it's more of a fashion news sight than a blog, and, to its credit, also has some very neat schtuff. however, the two websites are now in a legal battle for the right to the name 'the coveted'. the original 'the coveted' posted these letters on their website, and it looks like it's about to get a little dirty. i thought it would be interesting if you guys could read them and tell me what you think about this whole situation. on one hand, there's the whole 'finder's keepers' and seniority argument. on the other mano, thecoveted makes a pretty good point that the word 'covet/coveted' is used in a variety of different site names and one website does not have absolute rights over this domain name. hmmmm. 

so, what do you think, sleuths? home team or new guy? who has a jimmy choo to stand on?

not all who wander are lost.

images courtesy of behance, stylealchemy, wildfox, and others.



 all photos courtesy of style.com

sorry to bombard you with chanel (like that could ever be a bad thing) but it was painful for me to even choose ten pieces out of this incredible show. after all the heaviness of furs, sweaters, wool trousers, bold colors, violent makeup and severe shoes that have been stomping down the runway as of late, karl lagerfeld's spring/summer 2011 couture show is incredibly refreshing (not that i don't love all of that too). like somebody opened a window on a stifling day and an icy breeze wafted through. if that breeze had millions of beads embroidered on it. his whole collection is so gentle and delicate- one journalist called it "cloth of light". i love the simple but elegant tops paired with feminine skirts that somehow balance being demure, chic, bold, and clever. well, i guess it is lagerfeld. and it is chanel. although despite the incredible amount of effort and creativity that went into this show, i would hardly call it haute couture- i would easily wear any and all of these pieces every day if given the opportunity.


you hit the concrete, that's your asphalt.

fox clothing top/ uo lace skirt/ lucky flats/ the only sunglasses i own right now/ various rings.
sorry about the goofy photos but this weather is making me a little delirious. as my mother would say i've been having a mean case of "the silly sallys" (not sure what those are but i'm pretty sure i got 'em bad). this outfit pretty much sums up my style completely what with the whole boy-meets-girl thing, plus interesting textures, plus comfy (which is not always a requirement for me but is always a plus). also i would like to take a moment to celebrate the fact that i got this skirt on sale for $10 at urban outfitters last fall.  it's actually high waisted and for me high waisted = versatility + instant sexy butt. i gotta tell ya, when you're a college student with a minuscule budget for clothes, it's triumphs like that that really make it possible.



never date the lead singer.

mademoiselle papillon.

 liz clairborne blouse/ american apparel shorts/ vintage rings/ audrey daniels necklace/ lucky brand leather flats

when i was in high school (it already feels like so many years ago) my grandmother had a little boutique in my hometown. the clothes were always a little too old for me, but she had a friend, audrey daniels, who made all this beautiful handmade one-of-a-kind jewelry that i would just swoon over. when i would visit my grandmother at her shop, a good portion of my time was spent gazing at all the lovely, unique pieces, especially a certain jade butterfly necklace. the little hand written price tag was more than anyone in my immediate family could really afford, but it got to the point where every time i saw her i'd check to make sure the necklace was still there. seriously, this went on for years. my grandmother eventually sold the shop sometime in my early college years and the necklace faded from my mind. then, on my 21st birthday, my grandmother hands me a beautiful gift box. inside was the jade butterfly necklace. love at 1851st sight. she had saved it for me for this exact moment.

now that i've had a chance to actually wear the damn illusive thing, i love that it is both a statement piece and extremely versatile. it can be worn long or short, although i mostly leave it long and bohemian, with the gorgeous chunk of jade resting somewhere near my belly button.

do you have stories about how your acquired your favorite pieces? share them in a comment!