sweatah weathah.

found this oh-so-cozy sweater yesterday at a vintage fair in santa cruz (and i'm still kicking myself for not bringing my camera so i could shoot all the cool junk). if you didn't already know this about me, i am passionate about all things knitted and snuggly. i fell in love with the classic color scheme and the wintry, woodsy theme (i declare those animals to be elk and not reindeer to all of you reading this about to say to yourselves, "nice christmas sweater"). 

when trying out a bulky, androgynous piece like this one, i always try to think about balance and proportion. this sweater, although fantastic, is not really a piece one would consider 'sexy'. whenever i have a piece that has interesting dimensions, especially menswear pieces and sweaters, i consciously try to pair them with slimming, feminine pieces to balance them out. even just adding cuffed skinny jeans and long earrings prevents this sweater from becoming overwhelming and my body from disappearing completely. balance is my most important style element, whether it's bulky with slim, feminine with masculine, grungy with tailored.


  1. someday i hope to see a post with the really awesome sweater i gave you when i was going through my grandma's donated clothing for our yardsale...it had unicorns on it, correct?

  2. to AmberRose: guurrrrlll you have no idea how often i wear that sweater. it's embarrassing. and if my last two posts weren't about friggin sweaters (gosh i do love them) i would snap a shot a post it right NOW. just you wait my love. just you wait :)