This is a recent post from the-coveted.com, a personal fashion blog that i've been following for a while and is, in my opinion, pretty darn cool. it's been choc full of inspiration and loveliness from the fashion-o-sphere since 2007. recently another new site, thecoveted.com (notice lack of hyphen), has risen in popularity. it's more of a fashion news sight than a blog, and, to its credit, also has some very neat schtuff. however, the two websites are now in a legal battle for the right to the name 'the coveted'. the original 'the coveted' posted these letters on their website, and it looks like it's about to get a little dirty. i thought it would be interesting if you guys could read them and tell me what you think about this whole situation. on one hand, there's the whole 'finder's keepers' and seniority argument. on the other mano, thecoveted makes a pretty good point that the word 'covet/coveted' is used in a variety of different site names and one website does not have absolute rights over this domain name. hmmmm. 

so, what do you think, sleuths? home team or new guy? who has a jimmy choo to stand on?

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  1. hmm.. I understand that the word "covet/ed" is common and no one has rights to it, but to use basically the exact same combination "the coveted" seems a little shady. I also figure that the second site must have had at least a little knowledge of the first one, so I'm a little skeptical. In either case... I NEED that green dress!