i found this amazing lace top by free people while i was at my parents over the holidays. before it was even off the hanger i was concocting all the ways i was going to dress it up or down. so i thought it might be neat to show you both :).

fooling around with a mirror...

hokay, look numero uno: the top is completely see through, so for a day look i put a gray top with 3/4 length sleeves underneath for modesty's sake. and because it's winter one my favorite oversized sweaters/thrift store finds got thrown on top. i added a pair of feather earrings for good measure.

isn't the lace pattern purdy?

i gave it a dose of sexy for new year's eve and wore only a taupe free people bandeau bralet underneath.

 my housemate made me these earrings last summer. i love them even more now that all my hair's chopped off. pairing this top with another pair of feather earrings was mostly unintentional. i'm just a: obsessed with feather anything (especially jewelry) and b: love the combination of feathers and lace. c'est romantique, non?

i hope you all had as amazing a time as i did last night! all the best to everyone in 2011!!


  1. very much in love with this top.
    very much jealous of you for having it.
    if it disappears, just drive three hours east and it may be hiding in my closet.

    i imagine you paring it with that beautiful gold mini skirt with the carpet esq print you found at urban and a long cardigan...
    perfect for standing out in the dark corner of your favorite coffee shop, lounging on a vintage couch with cappuccino and paper in hand.

  2. amberrose sure knows what she's talking about. and this lily girl is making my heart beat out of my chest in all of her beauty and wit.

  3. lily i had no idea you had a blog! (facebook stalking led me here, i hope you don't mind!) back in the coffee shop days i always thought you'd make a great fashion blogger since you dress so well and i'm glad to see that i was right. i can't wait to see how your blog progresses! xoxo