oven-baked adorable.

my sense of style consistently toes the line between masculine and feminine, but it's so fun to wear something so obviously girly every once in a while. a friend of mine passed this dress down to me and whenever i wear it i feel like an adorable 50s housewife with the badass sassy cuteness of sookie stackhouse. i decided to commit to the overall theme and threw on my velvet bow-toed heels, some red lipstick and a tiffany's colored belt. commence twirling and cookie baking.


wildly free.

photos via tobacco&leather.

in love with this editorial from marie claire italia's october issue. knits and outwear that look like they'd protect you through cold nights of wandering, sandy colored prints and frocks in golden desert hues, and the most breathtakingly beautiful crystal necklace by tom ford. holy moly.


the end is slightly more near now than it was at the beginning.

today's armload of jewelry: a vintage cuff of mysterious metals, beads from india, a buddy bracelet from the boyfriend (cause we're super awesome and cool like that), and a clustering of various silver and gold rings.

hope you have as much beautiful sun where you are as i do. i've got a big announcement comin' up in the next post.


big island.

vintage top and locally crafted earrings.

i have been devoutly defiant in acknowledging that these might just be the last days of summer by wearing my boldest and most tropical shirt. i think it successfully toes the line between obnoxious and adorable with its boxy cropped cut, wooden buttons and collarless neckline. hopefully i'll be able to wear it without too much irony for a few more weeks.


there is only one kate.

i don't know if you've heard, but kate moss got married.

check out the rest of the photos at vogue.com. now. do it. there's an article about the event as well. read that, too. now please. the parts of me that loves weddings and loves fashion and  has intense respect and admiration for kate moss and that absolutely loves the kills (of which her new husband is half the duo) are all still buzzing.


joseph strid in stockholm.

photos via afterdrk.

joseph strid at stockholm fashion week. i love the controlled shapelessness of the structure and the fact that the color combination reminds me exactly of a california sunset.



some photos i took of my friend shelby the day we went to the river. we were goofing around with props and facepaint and rocks under an umbrella of an idea, the inspiration for which was "feral child" or something mad max-y like that, but she pointed out that everything i was asking her to do reminded her of the greek goddess artemis. honestly, she is so quirky and her expressions are so honest and vivid, it's darn near impossible for me not to take pictures of her. 

{this post isn't very fashionable, but it is certainly full of creativity and popcorn. enjoy.}