space cadet.

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i'm loving this spacy theme that's been popping up lately. if you're like me and have spent more than a few nights stargazing under the summer sky, how fun would it be to incorporate that into one's wardrobe? seems like a winning combo of chic and quirky to me.

right now i'm enjoying the last day of what has been an amazing and rejuvenating summer vaca at my parents' house in my hometown. i saw one of my oldest friends walk down the isle, enjoyed my brother's closing night as romeo in romeo and juliet in an amphitheater under a truly stunning array of stars (where i really wished i had alexa chung's amazing dress in the first photo), and spent a gorgeous afternoon at one of the most beautiful river spots i've ever been to. not to mention i've spent a much needed few days catching up with the fam. photos to come!

p.s. after lazing a stiflingly hot afternoon away, i couldn't resist posted a few more gems:

via oracle fox and marie claire uk.

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