the ethereal and elfin abbey lee wearing a stunning sheer white gown, gold platforms, and giganto blue pendant. 


dolce & gabbana fall 2011 rtw.

i am so in love with this collection. such whimsy! how feminine! what fun! bold, mixed patterns can't help but conjure up that oh-so lusty rocker chic vibe, but it leans more towards edgy than outlandish. the chunky, inelegant bags add playfulness to these day looks, and dark socks with bright pastel heels (flats? i can't really tell...) are definitely something one could start incorporating now!


hold me.

photo courtesy of stockholm streetstyle.

been seeing lots of bold clutches around lately. such a great way to incorporate a big ol' pop o' color as spring approaches. definitely can't wait to score one of my own (nine days til payday!)


photo courtesy of tobacco&leather.

bold lip + tassels.


the heat that's inbetween us.

h&m sweater/ express jean jacket/ j.crew cardigan/ american apparel tank/ mikkat market trousers/ uo flats/ vintage jewelry

as you can see, i finally found my camera cord (the li'l sucker) and am returning to the world of regular blog posts! woo. so happy :)

i fell in love with these pants from mikkat market (well, their picture on the website) a while ago and had them expedited to me post haste. and they are indeed lovely and comfy beyond measure, but a little problematic to style. they're very loose in the booty and hip area, and it's easy for them to look sloppy. multiple layers in a variety of lengths and textures seem to be the answer. { i may have overcompensated a teensy bit but it was cold dangnabbit } however, i see many possibilities for these trousers when the weather warms up a bit again. let me know if you have any ideas you want to share with me!



 so sorry about the lack of posts as of late, but i went to visit my parents over the weekend, and somehwere between here and there i, um, misplaced the cord that connects my camera to my computer, so i will find it soon (good thoughts would be appreciated) and show you all what i have been tromping around in the past few days. until then, i thought i would share some street style pictures i've been collecting as inspiration. seeing them all together like this, it's really telling what my next investments are going to be :)

borrowed from chictopia. so nineties

kate bosworth elegantly wearing isabel marant (fave designer right now) in my favorite color. i love the idea of mixing a statement necklace with a long simple one.

borrowed from knightcat, not sure where she got it. basic! simple! classy, but not overly so. i love the waffle weave of the sweater.

my girl crush, andy from afterdrk, wearing a blazer i want to borrow from her closet (call me! i know you live in amsterdam, but we'd be friends, i promise!)

borrowed from thefashionspot. leather jacket + long jet skirt + velvet wedges

borrowed from the sartorialist. how adorable is this woman? a french gamine if i ever saw one. 

borrowed from stockholm streetstyle. I WANT HER SKIRT. sorry, sorry, didn't want to make a scene but, um, yeah... i really like her skirt.

my own personal style photos to come in the next few days! stay tuned.


lover not a fighter.

acne fall 2011 rtw.

leather and chiffon. and how cool is that square cut-out in the last photo?


every place i go i take another place with me.

gap trench and shirt/ silence and noise skirt/ hue wool tights/ vintage cowboy boots/ vintage chains, charms, and rings/ uo blue 4 polish

the rain is back and it has made everything in the forest smell magical. honestly i just couldn't stop inhaling today while i was strolling (read: hiking) to and fro across campus. good thing these boots are made for walkin'. har har.

ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb.

irina lazareanu via pennylifeinpics