the heat that's inbetween us.

h&m sweater/ express jean jacket/ j.crew cardigan/ american apparel tank/ mikkat market trousers/ uo flats/ vintage jewelry

as you can see, i finally found my camera cord (the li'l sucker) and am returning to the world of regular blog posts! woo. so happy :)

i fell in love with these pants from mikkat market (well, their picture on the website) a while ago and had them expedited to me post haste. and they are indeed lovely and comfy beyond measure, but a little problematic to style. they're very loose in the booty and hip area, and it's easy for them to look sloppy. multiple layers in a variety of lengths and textures seem to be the answer. { i may have overcompensated a teensy bit but it was cold dangnabbit } however, i see many possibilities for these trousers when the weather warms up a bit again. let me know if you have any ideas you want to share with me!

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  1. You're beautiful!! why is so difficult to find short haired blogger girls? hehe