zoe 2.0.

zoe kravitz in asos july 2011. photos via justjared.

new cropped bob. same rock baby style. with a few dramatic snips, her style has become even more refreshing and dynamic. i'd also say this evolution is evidence that new zoe won't be relying on her omnipresent boho chic style of the past. she's always been unique. i'm glad to see she's also not afraid to be unique in a different way.



photos via oraclefox, freepeopleblog, les gazelles, planet blue lookbook, various nooks and cranies.


look back.

photos from: wildfox, stonecoldfox, viciouslycyd, fashiongonerogue, and various tumblrs.
there are parts of the human body that are living art. for me, the line of the spine as it swoops gracefully from the nape of the neck to the waist is one of the most elegant things in nature. when exposed, framed, celebrated, one cannot help but exude grace and youth. and there's also the added intrigue of deliberately shifting the focus from arrière to derrière

simple. try it. you'll feel beautiful. i promise.


olive juice.

classic zara minimalism, boxy frocks and shirts, white on pale, and psychedelic prints. falling in lurve all over again. check out the full may lookbook here.


lace and sun and sass.

stone cold fox kills it again with another stunning lookbook. i am positively salivating over the perfectly simple and chic white tank dress in the first photo and the margarita shorts in the sixth photo.


glossy pages and mochas and spf 8.

on amb: random knit/ f21 tank/ bcg from uo jeans/ indigo wedges/ waxing poetic 'a' pendant/ thrifted crystal necklace/ the usual rings
on me: gap tank/ dolce & gabana skirt/ vintage necklace/ franko sarto heels

amber's here :) . actually, amber is going to be here a lot of the time. actually all of the time. because guess what? she's moving to santa cruz!! aaaand right in time for me to graduate and leave haha. but whatever. even a few months of endless fashion gossip, ripping apart magazines, coffee dates, dinner dates, slathering ourselves in tanning oil with spf (connundrum, i know. we're bad.) and general silliness will have me walking on sunshine. 

i really love this girl :)

she's going to love it here.