glossy pages and mochas and spf 8.

on amb: random knit/ f21 tank/ bcg from uo jeans/ indigo wedges/ waxing poetic 'a' pendant/ thrifted crystal necklace/ the usual rings
on me: gap tank/ dolce & gabana skirt/ vintage necklace/ franko sarto heels

amber's here :) . actually, amber is going to be here a lot of the time. actually all of the time. because guess what? she's moving to santa cruz!! aaaand right in time for me to graduate and leave haha. but whatever. even a few months of endless fashion gossip, ripping apart magazines, coffee dates, dinner dates, slathering ourselves in tanning oil with spf (connundrum, i know. we're bad.) and general silliness will have me walking on sunshine. 

i really love this girl :)

she's going to love it here.

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