butter me up.

uniqlo flannel shirt dress/ l.a. made dress/ thrifted scarf/ xhileration boots

santa cruz is starting to remember that it's febuary, but i refuse to have this spring weather torn so cruelly from my grasp (hello inner drama queen). this is my 'yes, i may be in denial about how cold it is outside, but can't i just get a little bit more vitamin d pleeeeaasse??'. also, i unfortunately spend most of my day inside anyway be it because of classes or work or buses to and from these places, so i often use that as an excuse to dress perhaps a little bit more out of season than i normally would. one thing i have recently learned is lace up boots + knee high socks folded over and scrunched down = very very warm legs. when paired with a long-sleeved flannel dress and scarf for my chilly neck, i think i compensated for a little sunshine on the ol' gams.


  1. you look so pretty in that picture, I really like it :-) Peaceful... And a nice outfit!
    I'm a new follower to your blog.. I hope you will stop my by blog, and follow too if you like what you see :-)

  2. nice, miss lily!