reality check.

sooo i think i may have gone a little overboard with the new york fashion week photos as of late. as you know i'm new to the whole blog-o-sphere and i think the combination of fashion week (!!!) and being able to share it with others who i know are just as crazily obsessed with eye-balling everything that stomps down a runway made me get a teensy-weensy li'l outta hand. so sorry guys. i'll try and just choose my absolute impossible-to-not-share neeeeed-to-scream-it-to-the-world total FAVSIES runway picks from now on. so your poor little fingers don't seize up from using the scroll bar.

so for the sake of simplicity i've decided to share just two (2) photos today, each of one of my favorite bloggers. real people wearing their own clothes and looking amazing. a little breather/reality check, if you will.

rumi neely from fashiontoast

andy from stylescrapbook

if you haven't donated a nice chunk of time to haunting these lovely ladies' corner of the internet, do it now. noooow. they are so inspiring.

we cool now? ok good :)

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