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sorry to bombard you with chanel (like that could ever be a bad thing) but it was painful for me to even choose ten pieces out of this incredible show. after all the heaviness of furs, sweaters, wool trousers, bold colors, violent makeup and severe shoes that have been stomping down the runway as of late, karl lagerfeld's spring/summer 2011 couture show is incredibly refreshing (not that i don't love all of that too). like somebody opened a window on a stifling day and an icy breeze wafted through. if that breeze had millions of beads embroidered on it. his whole collection is so gentle and delicate- one journalist called it "cloth of light". i love the simple but elegant tops paired with feminine skirts that somehow balance being demure, chic, bold, and clever. well, i guess it is lagerfeld. and it is chanel. although despite the incredible amount of effort and creativity that went into this show, i would hardly call it haute couture- i would easily wear any and all of these pieces every day if given the opportunity.

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