never gonna give you up.

thrifted long sweater/ F21 jeans/ xhileration lace up boots/ market infinity scarf/ old navy tee
i'll be the first to admit that i am no photographer. in fact, all i own is a simple point-and-shoot camera, which i specifically requested to have "no frills", which was all i needed out of a camera i was only going to throw into a beach bag or hang off my wrist at a party. now that i've started taking pictures on the regular (every day) and have started carrying around my little point-and-shooter (which does have the perk of being extremely portable) i've started to really lust after something... fancy. something with a braggable resolution. maybe- dare i say it?- something with film?? i may just be getting ahead of myself here. 

but i'm not ready to abandon my trusty panasonic just yet. sometimes it even surprises me. like today, when i uploaded these pics and noticed the high sensitivity and crap lighting kind of made for dusty, old time-y type photos. which was kind of perfect for a "yes, i AM wearing a huge, long, thrifted sweater with a questionable history and excessive pilling" outfit. like my little pocket-sized digi, this sweater is of the comfy, not-quite-perfect-but-will-never-let-you-down variety.

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