à mes amis

now that 'cold' has become more of a state of being than a conversation topic, i can't leave my house without bundling up in several cozy layers of thick knits. accordingly, the knitting bug has made its presence known, and i am embarrassed to admit how many afternoons i have sacrificed to infinity scarves, headbands, and fingerless gloves. this is my most recent creation. the pattern isn't complicated- i let the yarn do i all the work. but it is the absolute best thing to snuggle into every time november decides to pretend it's january.


  1. i have been hunting hunting hunting for uber chunky yarn like this. is it wool? where from? love love love it, and you.

  2. it's a wool blend and i got it at the swift stitch in santa cruz in september. i know it's by a local yarn dyer... and unfortunately that's all i can really say because i didn't save the tag! sorry my lovely. just keep squeezin (i am right now picturing you and i wandering around yarn stores touching everything)