vintage dress, belt, and collar/ my mother's sandals.

i fell in love with the tailoring and textiles of this vintage dress over two years ago while i was visiting a friend in l.a., but its awkward hem length kept me from actually wearing it in public. thankfully, my friend skyla recently cut several inches off the bottom and it is finally an official part of my wardrobe. it feels so elegant but the pattern prevents it from looking too serious. i've been playing with accessories, but right now this belt and a collar that recently came into my hands have been giving me the right vibe, like a dreamy expat living in morocco... sometimes my clothes feel like costumes in the best way.


  1. I love the pattern and color of the dress! :)

    <3 Kelly

  2. how fun and pretty!
    I love your hair too.

  3. lily thank you so much for your recent kind words about the au pair situation- they really mean a lot to me.

    also, unrelated, can we have a photo session when i'm back in california?! i always love practicing shooting models and you're just so gosh darn gorgeous.