if you're gonna say it say it out loud.

gap top/ american apparel dress/ hue tights/ vintage shoes and jewelry/ american apparel polish in rose bowl

saturday night dance night! last night i went out to see my friend's band and they were oh-so rockin. having spent the entire day attempting to write a paper and being productive (the actual level of productivity is probably questionable at best) my energy/excitement level was pretty max in the anticipation of goin out and shakin my groove thang. hence me with my mischief face on. and the last photo where i'm jumping on the couch like an idiot. 

but who wouldn't want to jump for joy when they're wearing their utterly fabulous dancin shoes?? i found these gems in a vintage store when i took a trip up to portland a few years ago and i never fail to get at least a few "ohmygoshiloveyourshoes!!" whenever i wear them out. they're the perfect antithesis to high heels- still fun and dressy but without the pain. and shiny! love 'em.

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  1. I love the necklace together with oxford shoes... suits you great!