express jacket/ bdg top/ sparkle & fade tank/ nally & millie skirt/ random scarf/ j.crew hair clip/ uo flats

the combination of springlike weather (i say springlike because the coastal resident in me knows there's more rain a-comin') and wearing this skirt turned me into a frolicking twirly mcwhirlston. freelz i could not stop spinning around in this skirt every time i got caught in a sunbeam... or absentmindedly while waiting for a bus... or while deciding what scone to buy at a coffee shop... you get the idea. it was awesome. i highly recommend it.

this warm weather has also reminded me that i need to incorporate more bright colors into my wardrobe. i tend to gravitate towards neautrals and monochromes, with gray being my true wardrobe staple. i almost always try to incorporate a pop of color for a bit of visual interest, like i did with this scarf and hair clip, but this spring i want to have to wear sunglasses when i look in the mirror ('cause i'll be so bright... get it?... *cough*). i'll letcha know how it turns out :)

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