i found myself in a tricky situation the other day: in desperate need of some shopping therapy and flat broke. being a college student, i am fluent in finding ways to make my money go as far as it can, so i biked myself over to the least picked-over salvation army in town (me biking = me really really broke. i wasn't kidding). 

and i made out like a total bandit.

 glitzy gold sweater, long black skirt with a slit half way up my thigh (how long have i been wanting one of those??) and an amazing woven gold belt...

...and a gray blazer (that actually fits), a silky emerald pajama top, and a pair of levi 501s...

... which i immediately turned into cutoffs and destroyed. i love doing this. scissors and a cheese grater, my friends. really, trust me on the cheese grater. use those little blades, the ones that make microscopic pieces of cheese. go to town on an edge or a pocket and see those great thready holes that aren't really holes magically appear.

remember my recent post about silky shirts and destroyed jeans? i actually took my own advice :)

total spent: $32.17. it would be way less but the blazer was a splurge at $10.12. and i've already got so many outfits planned for my thrift store gold!

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