baby it's cold...

today i spent the afternoon bothering my dear friend amber at work and coercing my loverly brittany to snap a few photos with me. i've been considering turtlenecks for a while now and have decided that i definitely want one, but have been unsure how to style it. her take with a bold solid color, printed scarf, saddlebag, jeans, and lace up boots is so... cool. 

thrifted sweater/ gap tank/ coal scarf/ gifted purse/ american apparel leggings
 picked up these lace up boots when i was at target the other day and i seriously lurrrvve them. also am just now realizing that i look a bit like santa from this angle (i guess i should be thankful i'm not being compared to santa at any other angle, har har)

the ever-so-stylish amb... ain't my fwends cute? :)

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  1. wearing a turtle neck today in tribute to miss b. e. george and this post.