I took a little road trip on Sunday with my French friend Noémie. We went to Westport, on the west coast of Mayo. It's the only town in Mayo that's won the Tidy Town Award three times (true story. There's actually a Tidy Town Competition. And it's apparently very competitive). Anyway it was totally adorable. It ended up being an incredibly beautiful day and we walked all over the grounds of Westport House, this old English estate just outside of town. We were the only ones there and everything was closed, but it was so beautiful and haunting. We tromped around for hours taking photos. And on our drive back, we stopped to admire the ruins of a castle at sunset.

An incredibly beautiful day.


  1. Looks amazing! I love the simple color palette of greens and grays.......why was that sheep painted red?!!! Do they get stolen?

    1. Most farmers share land to graze their sheep, so they mark them with all different colors to differentiate between the flocks. End result: rainbow sheep :)

  2. these pictures are beautiful!! oh i want to go there!!!

  3. ah it looks so cute and fun there! I'm glad you are having such an amazing experience :)