for the first time in my life i live under the same roof as a very small child. two-year-old tom is, in most ways, totally adorable. he smiles and giggles and says completely indiscernible things and thinks i am positively hilarious. he has a bottomless appetite for being entertained, and when every one's had enough and wants to do grown-up things, we turn on his favorite cartoons. 

not that i would have had any reason to, but i've never watched tv for toddlers. sure i might have wasted an hour watching back to back episodes of recess or hey arnold! or nickelodeon on a saturday afternoon, but these shows are on a completely different level. they really freak me out!

the freakiest by far is this show called 'waybuloo'. these vaguely-animal-humanoid hybrid creatures with enormous unblinking eyes and permanently blissed out faces float around doing, i don't know, whatever activity of the day is on the books or solving mysteries or whatever. but what really haunts my dreams is the incessent giggling.

yes, giggling. every scene change, interaction, sentence, or action is accompanied by constant murmurs of joy. then they float on pillows of their own glee and go do yoga.

this program comes on every evening, and even though i've tried to not to over analyze what i've seen, i can't get over the feeling that these cartoon characters are a: aliens and b: completely stoned on only the most undiluted of psychadelics.

think i'm overreacting? take a look: 

see what i mean? my skin is crawling. those eyes!... those eyes...

still not convinced? i have procured a video for your viewing pleasure:

at this point you either completely agree with me or think i'm totally nuts and i don't blame you at all- the same battle is happening as we speak in the dark places of my psyche.

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  1. Do they ever speak? They are freaky!! What is the point?