tshirt carnage.

hacked up fruit of the loom tshirt, free people bandeau, f21 jeans i drestroyed, my trusty key chain, gifted green apple turquoise.

i had the loveliest and laziest of three-day weekends where i did everything i wanted (weather permitting) and nothing of consequence. however, dog days are always high risk for inklings of boredom and energy, like carbonation, explodes under pressure. 

and when that happens i tend to do things with scissors. 

the victims/caterpillars: an old wadded up white tee and my faithful but thinning forever 21 jeans. the results/butterflies: a pleasantly tattered and droopy tank top and lovingly destroyed jeans (i will, once again, reiterate the functionality of a cheese grater where destroying your own jeans is concerned). change, once again, is good.

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