evolution. and human popcorn.

i have an explanation for my absence. i promise. you think i would just leave this darn thing hanging here in the ether, getting out of date, letting the world and the dear people who follow it forget its existence without a darn good reason?

well i have one. a few, actually.

the first reason has to do with a milestone. i hit one. i graduated college. hoo boy, have the last few weeks been a stressful time for li'l me. i won't even go into it. let's just say that i hope i managed myself with grace but i largely failed to look very stylish. milestones will do that.

the second reason personally involved this page you're reading this on right now. i know that i need to change the name of my blog. when i picked 'notthatpretty', it fit my philosophy at the time, which was that you didn't need to embody someone's idea of 'pretty' in order to be stylish, and i wanted to celebrate the wonderful and inspiring fashion and style choices that are unique and maybe even a little ugly. sincere uniqueness, not just for uniqueness's sake but an external expression of self that could not be contained, the pressure of which forced a minor outward explosion of beauty not unlike a human piece of popcorn, is one of the most precious things in existence among a lot of useless crap. i wanted to celebrate that.

i also wanted to be able to take photos of people on the street without having this conversation:
me: "you look amazing! can i take a photo of you for my blog?"
them: "sure! what's it called so i can look it up?"
me: "it's called not that pretty."
them: ...
them: "are you saying i'm not pretty?"

yeah. really wanted to avoid that little scenario. 

alors, within the next week i will be moving to humanpopcorn.blogspot.com (sorry, i should probably have said 'spoiler alert' or something back there). it's meant the world that you have followed me thus far, and i hope that you will continue supporting and sharing this space with me.

and you wonderful people, keep living like the birds of paradise that you are. you inspire me every single day <3


p.s. normal posting will resume now that i've had a chance to rant. thanks for listening.

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