they're calling at me, come and find your kind.

freeloader top/ american apparel leggings/ vintage earrings/ photos courtesy of oraclefox and the free people blog

if there's one thing i miss about having long hair, and to be honest i don't miss it all that often, it's a youthful, free-spirited braid. they're just one of those things that say summer to me. so this top is a new compromise: braids, check. free-spirited, check. totally comfy and goes with almost everything i want to wear right now, check. it's the perfect shirt for summer concerts, for dancing with leathery leggings (as worn above), with a long maxi skirt for wanderings, or thrown on over a bathing suit at the beach just as the sun's going down. as far as braids go, i think i traded up :)

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