IMPORTANT!! after intense consideration and hours upon hours of pro-and-con-ing, i have decided to slightly change the name of blog. from now on my blog will no longer be notthatpretty, but notjustpretty. i feel that this change is an important distinction, and will enable me to tell more people about my blog without explaining the entire philosophy behind the name in the same breath while they give me a, "huh? wait, but you're pretty, and the models are pretty, and the photos are pretty... wait, are you telling me that i'm not pretty??" look. whew! 

THIS IS EXTRA IMPORTANT BECAUSE FROM NOW ON YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REACH MY SITE FROM THE OLD ADDRESS!! so make a note with something permanent on something that doesn't look like something that might be thrown away. or better yet follow me on bloglovin or through google friend connect :) this change will take place this friday, april 22, 2011.

thanks for being awesome and supportive through this change, my dear dear followers!

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