mix it UP.

thrifted cardigan/ sparkle & fade tee/ f21 skirt/ vintage belt

had a little fun today with pattern mixing (you didn't know i owned anything patterned didja? i surprise even myself sometimes). i kept within the same color scheme and threw on a colored cardigan to tie it all together. if i'm feeling a little cheerier next time i'll try one in a brighter color, but the midterm season has me feeling not-so-sunny.  

but i did prove the hypotheses i started out with: the loudest skirt in your wardrobe can and should be amped up instead of toned down. i still live by some basic rules though: go for the extreme at either spectrum. i stayed pretty tame here by keeping the color palette neutral, but if the craziest skirt in your closet resembles a kaleidiscope, i highly encourage you to embrace that and pair it with a worthy mate. go as is or, if you don't feel up to it, a simple belt and cardigan/jacket/vest/sweater can do wonders. don't take my word for it- try it yourself! and tell me your story!

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  1. oh lily love,
    you are such an inspiration! i can't promise that i will actually go find my loudest skirt and put it on, but i will definitely stare at it for some time (the way i stand in front of my closet and feel overwhelmed - you know, you have seen me do it enough)

    you are gorgeous!