the irish 8.

eight observations and/or realizations that i've had in my first full day in ireland:

1. yes, it really is that green. one cross-country train ride later and i have witnessed the evidence. actually, it's probably greener. at times it glows. honestly, what are they fertilizing this place with? leprechaun gold, me thinks?

2. as far as i can tell, the coffee sucks. consider me a tea convert for the next few months. allow me to abuse the phrase, "fancy a cuppa?"

3. i can't believe how much the irish language is everywhere and how completely indecipherable i find it. it has the same cadence as an irish accent (which makes sense) and is really beautiful and mysterious sounding when you hear it spoken (you know, when they're making announcements in train stations and stuff).

4. you can't listen to pandora radio in ireland!! they've blocked it from all internet providers because of "copyright infringement". this is why opposing SOPA was important people!

5. people in ireland make fun of american tv the way we make fun of british tv. (i'm not the only person that finds all british tv inherently hilarious, am i?)

6. ireland is not a part of the UK, although they do drive on the other side of the road. the entire household is nervous about putting me in a car, as am i. 

7. my address does not include a house number or a zip code. when i asked niall, morag's husband, how the mail gets around, he told me that the postman knew who they were and where they lived. when i stared at him, i'm sure quite incredulously, he said, "well, sometimes we put 'last house'." wow.

you can (attempt) to send mail to me at:
Lily Stoicheff c/o Morag Prunty
Quay Road, Killala, County Mayo, Ireland

8. so far, everything is incredibly beautiful.

pictures to come. for now, music.

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